ALL GUNS BLAZING FAN COLUMN: Lacazette’s possible arrival is good start but Arsenal need to sign more

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger (pic: Nick Potts/PA Images)

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger (pic: Nick Potts/PA Images) - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Ed Skingsley reviews the close season so far, insisting in a well-argued article that despite the possible arrival of Alexandre Lacazette the club needs to recruit more players. Read on for his All Guns Blazing Column Arsenal fan column...

I flicked the Arsenal switch to ‘off’ straight after that marvellous FA Cup Final win against Chelsea.

It had been a woefully disappointing, long, hard season in which the club’s support had been fractured beyond repair – and I needed to take a break from the whole sorry mess while the club was on a ‘high’ – well, as ‘high’ as Arsenal get these days.

Then, after a few weeks in limbo I emerged from my cocoon to become even more frustrated.

I couldn’t find a bookie to take on my what-will-happen-next Arsenal ‘Acca’ prediction, gleaned whenever I flicked through the TV channels and chanced upon Sky Sports News to see the same old story.

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For the record it goes like this.

Wenger renews contract and blows dust off ‘watch us fly next season’ speech.

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Premier league clubs start to announce major/decent signings, Arsenal are reported to be in the running to sign Kylian Mdappe.

Chelsea announce photo call for latest imports.

Turmoil at Arsenal as Theo Walcott, Alex-Oxlade-Chamberlain and Olivier Giroud are wondering if their contract offers are stuck in the postal system.

Chelsea announce another photo call.

Tumbleweed blows across the Emirates Stadium pitch.

It seems the Gunners are constantly outbid and overshadowed by clubs prepared to go the extra mile to claim their prize.

Deep down I had hoped for a sort of ‘Glasnost’ approach between the previously leaden-footed Arsene Wenger and the ‘Out’ brigade during the summer break.

I dreamed of a rejuvenated Wenger sating the passionate Gooners with positive signings along with hopes of tippy-tappy football being binned in favour of a more ruthless playing style.

Alas as we approach the start of pre-season we have the same staff, but much more restless , and Wenger still playing catch-up.

Despite the boost of Alexandre Lacazettte hopefully arriving soon, unfortunately, it looks as though Arsenal will revert to type and pick up a few players in similar fashion to previous seasons.

They will be players who will then hover around the fringes - decent and loyal players who morph into bench warmers, not quite fitting into the coach’s plan but fulfil the term ‘signing.’

They will be cheesed off by the end of the campaign and be looking for a way out – prime examples being Lucas Perez and Lukas Podolski.

Whatever happens between now and early August in terms of new blood and a fresh start for next season it had better be very good.

As with all the side issues surrounding the club still running, this season certain people at Arsenal will reap what they sow.

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