Am I a freak of nature?

I’m now 19, male, a student, and am having a few problems with what I thought was a mole on my chest.

My last bed partner pointed out it could be a third nipple, and it’s getting to me. She said I must be pagan, as it’s only pagan people who have this. Is she right?

It’s freaking me out and I wonder if I need to talk to my dad – my mum has passed away, about this. Am I a freak of nature? What can be done?

Barbara says: It’s fairly common. One in 16 people have a third nipple, and for some, like you, it may look just like a mole, and it’s not too problematic.

It can be on your chest, under your arm, or even on your groin, and both men and women can have them. So first, rest assured, it’s not some ‘sign of the devil’, or pagan.

Visit your GP who will advise you about removal. Easy!