Am I a sex addict?

Is there such a thing as a sex addict? I’m a 25-year-old red-blooded male who believes that it’s perfectly natural and healthy to think about sex 24/7 and to get as much of it as you possibly can and to get a natural buzz from X-rated hardcore movies. It makes me feel good.

But recently one of my male friends, my flatmate, pointed out that he’s getting totally fed up with my constant references to sex, and my porn magazines, and says that there are other things in life, and he doesn’t like my attitude to women.

I’m used to having this kind of remark thrown at me by girls, but this is the first time an old friend has told me that he can’t put up with me and my “lecherous” ways as he calls it. I thought he was on my wave-length, but apparently not. He’s moving out to live with a girlfriend, and I’m going to have to advertise for a new flatmate.

Last night he threw something new into the argument. He said he thinks I’m a sex addict and I need help. It’s shocked me a bit, because the fact is that, unknown to him, I’ve already been treated for addiction, and came through it, I thought, very well.

In my later teenage years I was apparently ‘addicted’ to gambling on slot machines. When I started stealing to fuel the addiction, I got into a spot of bother and had to go through a course of treatment, which worked. I’ve never done drugs and I don’t drink alcohol. But I’ve never heard of sex addiction. Is he just making it up, or is it real?

I have a good life now and make a very decent living as a mobile phone salesman. I don’t want to think of myself as an addict, ever again.

Barbara says: Is there such a thing as a sex addict? Hmm. Some major stars of the sporting and show-business world appear to have what could be called an addiction to sex. One or two have even been treated for it. So, maybe.

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There’s also a claim that some people have an ‘addictive personality’ and can’t do anything by halves. Those who believe in this theory say that if you lose one addiction, you’ll eventually find another. So have a good look at yourself.

Remember the urge and desperation you used to have to play machines? Is your liking for sex similar to that? The good thing is that someone who knew nothing of your past has spotted that your attitude to sex is not ‘normal’ – whatever that means. So you’ve now been given a wake-up call. Act on it.