An Occupy Finsbury Square Christmas

Protesters at the Occupy Finsbury Square camp are appealing for donations of turkey and tinsel as they prepare for a Christmas under canvas.

The anti-capitalist protesters, who set up home in Finsbury Square in October, are set to brave the cold over the festive period, despite attempts to move neighbouring occupations in Sun Street and at St Paul’s Cathedral.

However, the Finsbury Square campers have yet to finalise their programme for Christmas Day.

Dale, who mans the camp’s information tent, said: “I don’t think there are any plans just yet, but something will probably get organised last minute. Hopefully somebody will donate a turkey, but I’ll be here, with my Santa outfit on. I’ll probably write some sort of festive message on the back.”

Christmas looks set to bring sunshine and unseasonably mild weather to the campers who want to set up a permanent installation, possibly with dome structures and mains electricity.

It was reported this week that protesters at the main camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral plan to scale down the protest there and make Finsbury Square the base for tents.

But if members of the public arrive to pitch tents for a free bed on New Year’s Eve, the 1.7-acre site would not be able to take any more people.

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Dale, who did not give his surname, said: “It’s not something I’ve heard about, but if people come to try and pitch their tents, they won’t be able to. We’re full. In fact, we’re over capacity.

“The council says we’ve got too many tents already, so we’re working on getting a few bigger ones so we can move some smaller tents out of the way. We’d have to tell people at New Year to go and occupy somewhere else.”

The campers remain resolute. Patrick Sweeney, 45, said: “I’m not going anywhere – I’ll be hanging round until the very end, whenever that is.”

So far, Islington Borough Council has allowed the protesters to remain at the site.

A council spokesman said: “We continue to monitor the situation in Finsbury Square and will react to any health and safety issues. We are not taking legal action on eviction.”