Anfield ‘89 – Arsenal fans remember the parties and what the events of 30 years ago mean to them

Arsenal's men of the moment Alan Smith (left) and Michael Thomas grasp the traditional League Champi

Arsenal's men of the moment Alan Smith (left) and Michael Thomas grasp the traditional League Championship trophy during the team's homecoming parade. Both players scored goals in the 2-0 win against Liverpool that clinched the First Division title for the North London team. Picture: John Stillwell/PA Archive/PA Images - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

30 years ago today, Arsenal beat Liverpool 2-0 on the final day of the season to win the First Division title at Anfield thanks to late Michael Thomas goal. Now, five Arsenal fans who were there that night have recalled their memories from the day. Read on for part three as they remember celebrating on the way home and tell of what that night means to them.

Kelvin Meadows' ticket from Anfield '89, signed by Michael Thomas and Tony Adams. Picture: Kelvin Me

Kelvin Meadows' ticket from Anfield '89, signed by Michael Thomas and Tony Adams. Picture: Kelvin Meadows - Credit: Archant

Joanne Tester

Cars stopping on the motorway, Arsenal fans everywhere sharing drinks, embracing strangers and sharing a memory together that will never ever be replicated. I will have a bond with those few thousand people forever.

We got home about 5am, it was daylight and as we drove down the road a huge homemade banner by my Mum and Sister was hanging across our house which read 'Champions'.

The following days it started to sink in. I smiled constantly, I watched the game over and over again and re-read every newspaper article.

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Most of my friends had pictures of Bros or Wham on their bedroom walls, I just had The Arsenal. Now I had some new pictures to go up.

30 years later, I still go with my Dad, but now we have my 16-year-old son Dennis with us. Tim still goes and his 22-year-old son comes with us sometimes.

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We have all done our bit for ensuring the next generation of Arsenal come with endless memories they have heard from us all. All our kids follow The Arsenal over land and sea.

Probably every away game now we still mention Anfield. We love hearing our friends telling us about being stuck on coaches and others driving 50 miles up the slip road doing 100 mph. We never get bored of it.

My greatest memory occurred that day. To have that experience and 30 years on still smile, still feel that anxiety and pride makes me one of the luckiest people on earth.

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Kelvin Meadows

As we made our way back to the car, the locals were not happy and bearing in mind the reason the game was played when it was, thought they'd act differently. I know plenty have said how they shook hands and congratulated them, but that was not our experience. The street where we parked was full of Evertonians, now they did shake our hands.

We left Merseyside and stopped at the first service station, as did countless others. There were Gooners dancing on the roof of the petrol station. A stretch limo with a recording of the game was heaving.

The drive home was amazing with all cars heading south having been at the game. Then the team coach overtook us on its way to Southgate.

We drove back to Bethnal Green to drop Gary off and went back up Holloway Road. It was about 5am and we were just to knackered to do anything else but get home.

Since that day I've never worn glasses to a game. The lads who stayed in Blackpool are still reminded of what could've been. They never did find a 'northern sort' either, and my prize piece of Arsenal memorabilia, the ticket stub, has been signed by Tony Adams and Mickey Thomas.

None of the titles won since then will ever compare to that night. I feel blessed to be one of the few.

Mark Higgins

I ended up getting back into Bournemouth at 5am Saturday morning and clocked into work at 7am.

Thankfully, I still kept my job along with memories that I will take to the grave.

Poor old Cabbage will never get over what he missed and the moral of the storey is never right off The Arsenal, even when it seems impossible.

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Matt Thompson

Of the journey home I recall only the parties in the service station.

We finally got home to Stevenage after 3.30am I think. The tearful one stopped crying some time ago and informs us in his house that the 4.15am news is on. I asked him what on earth he was on about and sure enough it was and we see the skipper lift the trophy for the first time on TV.

The party continued all weekend and the two London lads returned home to get change of clothes and return for a party on Sunday and the team celebration. One of the eight successfully climbed the town hall!

It was only returning home that you realised the magnitude. Everyone shook your hand.

We had watched the game and years later could tell you with who and where they watched it.

Eight teenage lads went to an incredible game that has never been matched. Sadly we've lost touch a bit although five of us made the trip to Valencia recently.

Chris Hudson

We followed the coach back to London and there was a giant party on the road back. The whole weekend became a North London Carnival.

I will never ever forget it, there was just so much joy.

A month later me and a few other fans shared a evening with Perry Groves. Nigel Winterburn, Martin Hayes and Paul Merson. What a great time.

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