Angel kung fu fighters raise �5,000 in knockout blow

EVERYBODY was kung fu fighting at a charity fundraiser on Saturday - but it was a series of shuddering endurance feats that provided the knock out blow when it came to raising cash.

Martha Smith, eight, and Kenneth Boulton, nine, were among more than 200 members of the FWC Kung Fu Club who helped raise �5,000 for the Claremont Project, in White Lion Street, Angel.

Sponsors were so impressed with their duck walking, lizard walking and sit-ups that they donated a cool �5,000 to the centre for the over 60s.

Shkar Sharif, a senior student at the club, which holds classes three times a week at the Claremont Project, said: “The duck walk involves walking in a squat position and it starts to hurt after 20 seconds, but we went on for 13 or 14 minutes. The lizard walk involves walking on your hands and toes with your face close to the floor and is pretty painful too, and everyone knows about sit-ups.

“There was quite a lot of pain but it’s all worth it when you raise that much money.”