Angel Tube station ‘Thought of the Day’ becomes hit in Japan

A bit of fun to brighten up people’s daily commute has seen two London Underground workers feature on Japanese TV.

Ken Waters, 53, started putting a quote of the day on a whiteboard at Angel Station last summer.

Then one of his colleagues, Rathees Kadadcham, 30, set up a website called Thoughts of Angel to document the words of wisdom.

Since then, the daily musings have developed something of a cult following, leading to the pair being interviewed for Japanese network NHK. They are also part of a forthcoming exhibition about 150 years of the Underground at the London Transport Museum.

Mr Waters said Thoughts of Angel sprang from humble beginnings.

He said: “The way it came about was from something I saw in one of the free papers.

“A Tube station in west London had put a sign asking people to stop kissing outside because couples saying goodbye were holding up traffic.

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“So I put up a sign up at our station saying kissing was allowed, and it just went from there.

“I remember an early one we put up was ‘if you don’t pay your exorcist, do you get your house repossessed?’

“All the goths coming home at 5am loved it – they kept having their photos taken with it.

“My favourite one is probably ‘life is a sexually transmitted disease’. There were some complaints about that one, but it’s just a fact.”

A new quote is put up every day, but Mr Waters thinks there shouldn’t be any danger of him running out of inspiration.

“I just listen to people talking as they go walk through the station and get my ideas from the things I hear people say.

“If I am away, Rathees will be here to do it, and if we are both away we have a third person to fill in.

“An American guy came through and he loved it – he gave me a book of quotes, I will never run out now. We also want to get a suggestion box in where people can put their ideas.”

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