Anger as King’s Cross lights left on round the clock

LIGHTS on an estate have been left on 24 hours a day for two months – leaving one resident incandescent with rage.

The communal lighting at York Way Court, off Copenhagen Street, King’s Cross, has not been turned off since December and stays on even in broad daylight, claims Tom Mahoney.

Mr Mahoney, 60, is angry about the waste of energy – and because he says his housing association has refused to act or even to take the blame.

Mr Mahoney, a London Underground station supervisor, said: “It’s a complete waste of energy – not to mention the money it must be costing. There are probably over 100 lights.

“It’s probably just a simple switch or timer to adjust. It’s so frustrating.” He says he first complained to Southern Housing Group, which runs the estate, before Christmas.

A spokesman for Southern Housing Group said: “Maintained emergency lighting is used in other blocks at York Way Court, and a decision was made in January to make this block consistent with the others.

“Having discussed this with our contractors, however, there does not appear to be a specific need for the lights to remain maintained, and we will therefore raise another order for the lights to become non-maintained again.”