Anger as ticket office hours are cut at Islington Tube stations

LENGTHY queues at Tube ticket machines are already frustrating commuters after ticket office opening hours were slashed on Sunday, it has been claimed.

Transport for London has cut the hours by 60 per cent in some stations in Islington. It said widespread use of Oyster cards means there was less demand for the offices and staff previously sitting behind glass could be more useful elsewhere.

Thom Glen, 28, of Tufnell Park Road, Tufnell Park, who takes the Tube to work from Tufnell Park station, said: “I’ve been there a couple of times this week and the office was closed. On Monday it was closed and one of the machines was not working too. There was a queue of about 10 people waiting for one card-only machine and I had to wait around for absolutely ages.

“There was an attendant standing right there just staring at people in the queue. Why was he not in the ticket office?”

The Tufnell Park office will now open for fewer than 15 hours a week, while the one at Arsenal Tube station, in Gillespie Road, Highbury, will be open for fewer than nine hours.

Jennette Arnold, London Assembly Member for Islington, said Mayor of London Boris Johnson had broken promises to keep the offices open. She added: “Passengers will feel less safe and more vulnerable in the daytime and late at night as a direct consequence of the mayor’s broken promises.”

Howard Collins, chief operating officer of London Underground, said: “Our high standards of safety and customer service will be retained.”