Angry meter complaints in Islington taken by waitress in Kent

Chris Loizou - Dieter Perry

Chris Loizou - Dieter Perry - Credit: Archant

A cafe in Kent has been receiving angry calls about faulty parking meters in Islington.

Motorists frustrated with malfunctioning machines have been getting through to a waitress, due to meters displaying the wrong number.

The coffee shop, called Finch House, claims to receive at least three parking calls a day from disgruntled members of the public all over the UK.

Landlord Chris Loizou called the cafe after an issue with a machine near one of his properties in Fortnam Road, Holloway.

Mr Loizou, 43, said: “I’ve had constant problems because I’m a landlord here and I’ve had money stuck in the machine lots of times.

“On this occasion it was faulty and it wasn’t taking the coins so I phoned the number on the machine that it says to call if you have a problem with it.

“I told them about the meter but they said they were a restaurant – apparently they get calls all the time.”

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The number appears on the machine as the contact for manufacturer CALE BriPark Ltd, but Islington Council have said they will not be changing altering the meters, as their own contact details feature on the machines in larger print.

Finch House Cafe has received complaint calls from as far a field as Wales, but said most of its calls were from nearby Maidstone, Kent.