Angry residents ‘trampled roughshod’ over Islington estate plan

The Dover Court Estate Pic: Google

The Dover Court Estate Pic: Google - Credit: Archant

Town hall scheme to increase homes by a third raises antisocial behaviour fears

Furious residents say the town hall has “trampled roughshod” over their wishes a with a plan to plonk 70 new homes on their estate.

On Tuesday an Islington Council Planning Committee gave the nod to the new development on the Dover Court Estate, off Dove Road, Islington - increasing the population by a third.

The move, which involves knocking down the estate’s Romford House and 81 disused garages, went ahead despite fierce opposition from residents concerned about increasing anti social behaviour, over-development and overcrowding.

Anita Patel, vice secretary of Dover Court’s Tenants and Residents Association, said: “It seems the council’s determination to build new social housing continues to trample roughshod across existing residents’ homes, a fact most starkly illustrated by the planning meeting.

“Despite multiple petitions, surveys and strong opposition to the decision to ramp up Dover Court Estate’s population by a third, the planning committee nodded through the application to plonk 70 of the Council’s target 500 new homes onto one small estate.

“Our objections were largely dismissed. This was a done deal.“

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She added: “If this is how the council is happy to approach major new build works on its estates, other residents better watch out.”

Another resident, Viv Acious, said: “In response to our six minute presentation, a council officer said that the new builds were proposed on ‘unloved land that attracts antisocial behaviour’. He seems to forget that he was talking about our homes and our estate which is relatively peaceful and a safe environment.”

The residents, many of whom are social tenants, say they don’t object to new homes, but the plan needs a re-think.

Cllr James Murray, Islington Council’s executive member for housing and development, said: “We’ve consulted widely on Dover Court about our plans to build new council homes which will be offered first to existing tenants on the estate.

“Alongside the new homes, we will be investing in other improvements to the estate like better lighting and better open spaces.

“We have received a lot of different views through our consultation - many of them have been supportive, but I know that not everyone will agree. Where people have disagreed with our plans, we have gone as far as we can to amend the proposals.”

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