Animal charity urges pet neutering after kitten goes missing in Harlesden

Corsa with her kitten Vauxhall.

Corsa with her kitten Vauxhall. - Credit: Archant

An animal charity has urged people to get their pets neutered after a stray cat gave birth to two kittens under a car – one of which was then lost.

The cat, subsequently named Corsa, gave birth in Harlesden while a group of youths taunted it, before a passer by called welfare charity Mayhew.

But when Mayhew’s Tania Mazzoni arrived, one kitten was missing. She said: “Both had been placed in a box by a member of the public. When mummy cat instinctively tried to protect them, she had taken one of the kittens back underneath the car and had left her other unoccupied in the box.

“We suspect someone had taken the other one, not knowing what harm they were causing. It is very dangerous for kittens that young to be separated from their mum.

“We can’t imagine how terrifying and distressing it must have been for Corsa.

“This story highlights how important it is to get your pet neutered.

“We are in the midst of kitten season and bringing in more unwanted kittens every day.”

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