Archway Bridge: Man threatening to jump is talked down by police

A man who had climbed onto Archway Bridge and was threatening to jump was talked down by police last night.

Police were called to Archway Bridge at 9.08pm after a man was seen on the Grade II listed structure, which spans Archway Road.

The man was reportedly threatening to jump but was brought to safety and taken to a north London hospital.

Posting on Twitter, @KaraokeNurse wrote: “Archway Road and Hornsey Road closed as police are trying to talk someone off the bridge. Thoughts are with this person in their troubled time.”

@TheHippyChick33 wrote: “Just got to Archway on the bus. Being diverted. Hope it’s not someone on the bridge because of the current awful mental health news.”

Archway Road remained closed as police dealt with the incident.

A police spokesman said: “The road was closed because there was a person on the bridge.

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“Officers were speaking to him and he was taken down from the bridge and went to hospital.”

The latest incident comes less than two weeks after a mock-up section of controversial “prison-like” anti-suicide measures proposed for Archway Bridge were erected for the first time to see how they will look.

Safety campaigners and conservationists are divided on current plans for a 2.5m high-wire fence on both sides of the iconic bridge in Archway.

The measures are awaiting planning permission from Haringey Council.

Safety campaigners have lauded the plans, lodged by Transport for London (TfL), and have urged the council to grant planning permission without delay.

The Hornsey Lane Bridge Anti-Suicide Campaign has been fighting for safety measures since 2010.

In that time, at least seven people have died in falls from the bridge.