Archway Bridge work would stop pain and anguish

I WRITE in support of the most recent campaign to reinforce safety measures at the Archway Bridge.

As long ago as 1971, the then Islington North MP (the late Michael O’Halloran) sought to introduce deterrents to hinder those attempting to jump off the bridge. Unfortunately his efforts did not meet with success. Over the years, there have been many more victims of this notorious structure.

Suicide has a traumatic effect on those left behind and on the community in general. As a consequence of one of the recent deaths at the bridge, two devastated children have had to be taken into care.

I would urge that every possible support be given to the charity SAVE and its leader Marjorie Wallace in the renewed action to make this infamous bridge less tempting to those of troubled or unsound mind.

– Bereaved grandparent (name and address supplied).