Archway dog lover snaps back at Royal Mail to protect honour of her pet pooches

A doting owner of two tiny dogs has gone all the way to the Royal Mail head office in a bid to clear her pups’ names – after they were accused of snapping at a postman’s hands.

Maureen Rose – herself a former postie – was told her little Pomeranian pup Fred and Yorkshire Terrier-Shih Tzu cross Honey were “potentially dangerous” in a letter from Royal Mail.

She was left so distressed that she took her tale to the papers – and now she fears she could be kicked out of her home after the matter was raised by an officer for Homes for Islington (HfI) who read the story.

The 54-year-old, of Archway, is desperate for Royal Mail to retract its claims before matters spiral out of control.

She said: “I want a letter to clear my dogs’ names, so HfI gets off my back.

“I was talking to a housing officer on Tuesday about another issue and at the end of the meeting, she said you’re in breach of your tenancy if you have dangerous dogs.

“It’s just ridiculous. I felt like I was being threatened with eviction by the housing officer over my tiny pets.”

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Ms Rose had already been warned her deliveries could be stopped by Royal Mail if she did not get her pets under control.

Yet she insists the nine-year-old pooches, which stand just 12 inches off the ground on their hind legs, are too small to even reach the letterbox.

The dogs also both suffer from breathing difficulties.

She added: “I have had them here for nine years and never had any problems, and I have always been upfront about them.

“Islington has lots of problems with irresponsible ownerss of dangerous dog – but I’m not one of them.”

Ms Rose wants Royal Mail to put it in writing that her dogs are not a menance to anyone.

She took her fight to the head office in Old Street, Finsbury on Tuesday and is now waiting for a response.

She also plans to lodge a complaint about the housing officer’s comments.

A spokesman for HfI said: “No threats of eviction have been made to any tenant on this matter.

“We have not received any complaint from the postal service, although the council’s conditions of tenancy would be breached if a tenant allowed any animal to cause a nuisance to anyone in the local area.”