Archway gyratory: One-way system reversed ahead of ‘milestone’ two-way traffic

A group of campaigners are fighting TfL's plans for the bus network in Archway. Picture: Jenny Thomp

A group of campaigners are fighting TfL's plans for the bus network in Archway. Picture: Jenny Thompson - Credit: Archant

Drivers will be heading the “wrong” way down a one-way street on Saturday thanks to the traffic upheaval in Archway.

Archway Gyratory

Archway Gyratory - Credit: Archant

Transport for London (TfL) is preparing to bring in two-way traffic around the gyratory a week on Sunday but first needs to reverse the one-way system along MacDonald Road into Vorley Road while work is carried out.

The road outside the Tube station will then close while it is transformed into a public space with improved access to the town centre and cycle paths.

TfL enraged locals by ignoring popular opinion to drive through plans to move bus stops and change routes as part of the work.

A January consultation found 75 per cent of the 818 respondents were dead against the idea, while another 15pc were “partially” opposed.

But TfL announced last week – just days before the work was due so start – that despite “reviewing” responses, it was going through with the plans anyway.

The move could see 50 buses an hour turning in Archway Road and will force people to walk further to get to bus stops. And The Charlotte Despard pub has already lost its loading bay – with no notice – thanks to the work.

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Campaigners are fighting the decision and have called a public meeting, which will be held on Monday at the Hargrave Community Centre in Hargrave Road.

“It’s completely outrageous,” said Jenny Thompson. “There’s no explanation at all about it and to tell us four days before they are due to start it shows what contempt they have for us.”

Road users are now being advised to plan ahead and leave more time for their first journey on the new road layouts.

TfL project director Nick Fairholme said: “We’re working hard to create a safer and more accessible Archway for pedestrians and cyclists, and doing it as quickly as possible to minimise the impact to locals and road users.

“We’ve now reached a key milestone with the introduction of two-way traffic and we’re asking road users to plan and prepare for this change.”

Islington’s transport boss Cllr Claudia Webbe said: “The removal of the outdated gyratory to two-way working will inevitably take a little time to get used to for drivers, cyclists and bus users, but the vast improvements will be worth it in the long run.

“We will help ensure this by working with TfL to closely monitor traffic flows and trends after the scheme has been completed.”