‘We’re stronger than ever’: Archway convenience store turns into community hub for lockdown

The Kir brothers of Becky's Convenience Store. From left to right: Yusuf, Huseyin and Ozgur. Picture

The Kir brothers of Becky's Convenience Store. From left to right: Yusuf, Huseyin and Ozgur. Picture: Becky's Convenience Store - Credit: Becky's Convenience Store

Despite the easing of lockdown, for many vulnerable and elderly people normality feels a long way off.

Still worried to venture far from their homes, a lot of residents remain reliant on local businesses for their shopping.

Given its residential spot in Dresden Road, Becky’s Convenience Store in Archway has served as a perfect pit stop for essential goods.

During lockdown it has arranged free deliveries to people self-isolating and it has supported the local food bank.

For eight years the shop has been run by three brothers - Huseyin Kir, 42, Ozgur Kir, 40, and Yusuf Kir, 37.

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Huseyin told this newspaper: “It has proven to be very different working during the pandemic.

“We have a lot more customers and it has been difficult to get enough stock.

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“We all have wives and kids and home, but due to the longer and more intense hours we have all seen our families significantly less.”

The Kir brothers were initially unsure if Becky’s could remain open during the pandemic.

But once the government go-ahead was given for essential businesses to continue, the team knew how many vulnerable residents would be relying on them and they powered on to help their N19 community.

Huseyin continued: “Gratitude from the community had never been the driving force for us to remain open, but the ability to help our community during these hard times was.

“The praise we’ve received has humbled us all and we are thankful for our customers.

“During this time, we have felt more included in the community than we ever had before.

“We have formed a greater bond and a personal relationship with our customers which we are extremely grateful for.”

The shop’s dedication to its community has not gone unnoticed.

Angus Grogono, a Tottenham teacher and customer, said: “Shops like Becky’s have been the glue that held communities together under lockdown.

“Without their optimism and ingenuity, we might have all started looked inward.

“But we didn’t - in our local area everyone was looking out for their neighbours, and becoming alert in a local, personal, empathetic way.

“The brothers at Becky’s were part of the vanguard in this.”

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