Arsenal draw the right result for Leeds’ loan star Sanchez Watt

The 19-year-old striker may be an Arsenal player, but he wants to knock them out in Elland Road replay

WHILE Leeds United were left to rue the late penalty decision that cost them another famous FA Cup win on Saturday, the 1-1 draw was just about perfect for Sanchez Watt.

The 19-year-old striker is on loan from Arsenal to the Championship side, and admitted it was a strange experience being in the visitors’ dressing room not the home one on Saturday.

However, while his loyalties may have been divided at the weekend, the youngster who used to play for the Westward Boys youth football team at Market Road has no doubts about what he wants from next week’s replay at Elland Road.

“It will be a great game to play again at Elland Road and hopefully we can do it there. It’s a dream to play Arsenal once let alone twice. Hopefully I can do even better at Elland Road,” Watt told the Gazette on Saturday. “I don’t mind if I score against Arsenal, football is about scoring and winning. That’s what I get paid for and that is why the manager plays me. I will try and give my all.

“I was a bit under pressure. Obviously all eyes were on me because I am from Arsenal so I didn’t want to let myself or the club or Leeds down.

“On Twitter Arsenal fans were telling me I hope you do well but I hope you lose!,” said Watt, who said his Arsenal-supporting family were also split over who they wanted to win.

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“They are all Arsenal, but they support me and Arsenal too, so it was a bit in the middle for them. But they just wanted me to do well.

“Because I only found out late I was playing late in the week I had to tell them last minute, but I got my mum a ticket in the end.”

Mrs Watt will have to decide whether of not to make the trip up to Yorkshire next week, but her son is certainly enjoying his loan season at Elland Road.

Leeds are currently in fifth place in the Championship and Watt has played his part in the resurgence of Simon Grayson’s side so far this season.

“I am getting a few injuries and have been in and out a bit but hopefully I can stay fit now and keep hold of my shirt,” added Watt.

“I am hoping to do the best I can and see where it takes me. It’s my goal to help Leeds back to the Premier League and I hope it happens.”