Arsenal fans release new version of classic FA Cup final song ahead of Aston Villa clash

The Riders of the Night

The Riders of the Night - Credit: Archant

Sticking with a tried and tested formula is often the best option in football – and that’s what a bunch of musically-minded Arsenal fans think too.

North London band The Riders of the Night have teamed up with a group of fellow Gunners supporters to remake the classic ‘Good Old Arsenal’ song that celebrated the club’s appearance in the 1971 FA Cup final.

The new version, which is available to download from iTunes, Google Play Store and Amazon, marks the Gunners’ return to Wembley for this year’s final against Aston Villa on Saturday.

Andy Kelly and Mark Andrews, who run website, were among the fans who provided the crowd chants against the Riders of the Night soundtrack during recording.

Kelly said: “A few of us got chatting among ourselves about the fact that it’s 17 years since the club released an official FA Cup final song (Donna Summer’s ‘Hot Stuff’).

“We tried to come up with a new one, but we found the one we all liked best was ‘Good Old Arsenal’ and that’s what we went for. In this day and age the technology’s available to do it without getting too complicated.

“One of the nice things about this was a lot of us who were involved had got to know each other through Twitter – we’d never actually met in person until now.”

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Darren Berry, Gavin Charlie, Craig Cooper, Highbury Harry of Black Scarf, Dan McCarthy, Steve ‘Gooner’ Martin and Glen Townsend are the other Arsenal fans whose voices can be heard on the updated version.

Another contributor is Paul Campbell, who manages the popular Piebury Corner restaurant near Emirates Stadium and forsakes his native Scottish accent for some Cockney chanting.

Profits made on the song will be donated to the Willow Foundation – the charity set up by former Arsenal goalkeeper Bob Wilson to help people with serious illnesses.

Riders of the Night singer Mick “The Bins” added: “The Willow Foundation’s part of the Arsenal family and, through Bob Wilson, it’s a link to the club’s past too.

“The idea of a Cup final song more or less originated from the terraces and the song is simple – it’s basically a combination of three football chants that we’ve played around with it a bit, trying to bring it up to date.

“We want everyone to download it and get the Arsenal to the top of the charts. If we can get everyone singing at Wembley and make a few quid for charity, we’ll be happy.”

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