Arsenal help 200 people find a job

Borry Jarju Pic: Arsenal/ David Price.

Borry Jarju Pic: Arsenal/ David Price. - Credit: Archant

Arsenal has helped its 200th person into employment through a special programme.

Borry Jarju, 44, who arrived in the UK from Gambia four years ago, got involved with Arsenal in the Community through its links with charity Freedom from Torture in Isledon Road, Holloway – a medical foundation for victims of torture.

The football club then put him onto a special 12 week course helping participants into employment, and was one of 11 people on the programme to get a job at the Debenhams’ restaurant.

Mr Jarju said: “The Arsenal Employability Programme has been a massive help to me. The people there helped me with every aspect of being part of the workforce in this country.

“They helped me write my CV, apply for jobs, and learn to cope with interviews. I don’t know exactly what’s involved with my new job yet because I have not had my induction yet, but it feels really good to have a job and I can’t wait to get started.

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“To tell you the truth – and you might think I am over-emphasising but I’m not – the most important thing in life is to feel appreciated and Arsenal in the Community have given me that. And so I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everyone who’s helped me.

“I thought Arsenal was just a football club, but it goes beyond that. It’s not just about the team or even about the club helping kids to play football. It helps build people’s lives.”

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Set up in 2012, the Arsenal Employability Programme helps people in Islington find jobs by offering advice and support on finding and applying for work.

Find more details on the programme here details click here

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