Arsenal man’s campaign for pet cat living in constant pain

eurydice the cat

eurydice the cat - Credit: Archant

An Arsenal man has set up a fundraising page for his pet cat so that she can have a vital treatment, which will stop her living a life of constant pain.

Guillaume Florent, 38, of Aubert Park, set up the GoFundMe page for 6 year-old Eurydice after she was hit by a car.

Usually the cat, called Eurydice, would happily spend her time playing with her best friend, who is a Jack Russell called Urban. However one day she came home in extreme pain.

On taking Eurydice to the vets Mr Florent discovered she has been involved in an accident with a motor vehicle.

Now Eurydice needs to stay in a cage permanently to prevent movement, which causes her hip to constantly dislocate.

Mr Florent is calling on friends and locals to help him raise £4000 to cover Eurydice’s vet fees, including £2,500 for an operation if her hip doesn’t improve.

So far he has raised £1,327 in just 23 days.

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Mr Florent said, ‘I am so grateful for all the donations to my GoFundMe page so far – Eurydice is an important part of my family and moving to England from France was made much easier having a familiar face around – I hope I can help her in her time of need.’

Any money left over from Eurydice’s treatment will be donated towards WWF.

“Guillaume’s GoFundMe campaign for Eurydice is incredibly heartwarming, it’s amazing to see the support of the friends, family and the community who have rallied together to donate. We hope that Eurydice makes a full-recovery very soon,” said Kelsea Little, Media Director at

To donate towards Eurydice’s treatment head to