Arsenal’s new away kit �- a sneak preview

Commemorative design to celebrate Gunners’ 125th anniversary

Arsenal have revealed their new away kit, launched to mark the club’s 125th anniversary season.

Capturing the spirit and history of Arsenal Football Club, the new away shirt features a specially designed crest to highlight the proud origins of the Club 125 years ago.

The celebratory badge design features 15 laurel leaves to the left side of the club’s crest to reflect the detail on the reverse of the sixpence pieces paid by 15 men to establish the club in Woolwich in 1886.

The 15 oak leaves to the right of the crest pay tribute to the founders who would meet in the local Royal Oak pub. Underneath the crest is one of the club’s first recorded mottos - ‘Forward’ - with the anniversary dates of 1886 and 2011 either side.

The front of the new away shirt is divided into two halves, one navy blue and one turquoise blue, inspired by the away kits worn by Arsenal teams from the past. The diagonal line represents the gnomon (the pointer) which casts the shadow on a sundial - to commemorate the original Dial Square sundial on the site of the Arsenal munitions factory in Woolwich, where the club was founded by workers in 1886.

The back of the shirt is entirely navy blue, with one sleeve navy and the other turquoise blue. A stripe runs down each sleeve, broken into three parts to further represent the Dial Square sundial.

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The away shirt is available to pre-order from Tuesday, June 28.