Baguettes that go bump in the night...

So, Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve is all but a memory and the decorations have been packed away for another year.

Bah (but not humbug – not for another 335 days or so, anyway). If you’re feeling stuffed, skint and morose, you have my sympathy. Happily, you also have my chirpy suggestions for things to do now that the world has gone back to normal.

Contrary to popular belief, January can be a fun month. It’s when my birthday happens, for a start. Not that I am suggesting that you buy me a nice present and send it to me care of Islington Gazette Towers, of course.

It’s not all about me, though. There are a couple of events coming up in the borough which could shake us out of our post-Christmas malaise.

First up is a ghost hunt this Friday, to take place at London’s oldest gothic nightclub. Clearly, this is the gothic nightclub to be at. A shiny, new and futuristic nightclub wouldn’t be very gothic at all.

The nightclub in question, Islington Metalworks in Torrens Street, is the rumoured home of various ghosts and ghouls. These ghosts and ghouls must really enjoy loud music and teenagers snogging in dark corners. If I was a ghoul, I would haunt somewhere a bit more peaceful, like a health spa.

According to Ian Shilito, the director of ghost hunting group London Paranormal (ooh, he’s brave), employees at the nightclub have witness various supernatural happenings. These spooky sightings include seeing a Victorian man and woman as well as a baguette falling from the ceiling.

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Brilliantly, Ian seems amazed by this because “at the time, there were no baguettes on site”. I’m not sure that there are ever baguettes on site at goth clubs, although if I have this all wrong and it turns out that you can get a tasty French-style sandwiches at gothic nighteries, I might revise my mosh pit policy.

There’s also a charity frock swap taking place at Bart’s Hospital on February 2 in aid of London’s Air Ambulance. If you no longer fit into your clothes because you ate so much over the holidays, this is the perfect opportunity to exchange them for some larger models.

The air ambulance people do amazing work and rely entirely on donations to do so, so get down there!