Bale De Rua - Review

THE strut of Bale de Rua’s Brazillian dance brings heat into grey November - at Sadler’s Wells Peacock Theatre, in Portugal Street, WC2

STRUT down to the Peacock Theatre to see Bale de Rua’s fire breathe Latin heat into grey November.

Formed in 1992 this Brazilian dance group is on a mission to show the world the urban dance forms rocking their homeland right now. Choreographer and former dancer, Marco Antonio Garcia, employs a feisty mix of capoeira, samba, African dance, breakdance and hip hop, to re-enact the epic history of Brazil through the flying feet and searing vocals of the 17 accomplished performers.

Like teddy boys dressed as Julio Iglesias, the young white-suited scoundrels known as Malandros, dance through the streets before donning flowery frocks in celebration of the role of religion in society and then strip off to their shorts to re-enact the slave regime. Something for everyone really.

Whilst the dancers were born to boogie, the star of the show is singer, Adriana Francisco, who was selected to perform after an X-Factor style search.

A chink in the armour was the staging - the dancers made scant use of the scaffolding backdrop which served little purpose other than to hammer home the point that this is urban.

But who cares about innovation when a show finale induces an uncoordinated London theatre crowd to shake their stuff in the aisles.