Balloon travels a thousand miles from Islington to Finland

WHEN Scarlet Prescod released her blue balloon into the Islington breeze, she never expected to see it again.

But an incredible nine months later, the balloon was found - 1,141 miles away in Finland.

It had travelled all the way from Copenhagen Primary School in Treaty Street, Islington, over Copenhagen in Denmark and across the North and Baltic seas to Tampere in Finland.

There, it was found by little Max Peltomaa who was out in a forest with his mother Heidi picking blueberries and gathering mushrooms.

Copenhagen Primary School, which released the balloons back in November last year in honour of Children in Need and Anti-Bullying Week, is now wondering whether the journey is a record.

Scarlet, nine, a year five pupil at the school, said: “When they told me how far the balloon had gone I said, ‘Oh my gosh – I can’t believe it.’ I was so excited.

“When I looked on the map, I saw where Finland was - and realised the balloon must have gone over many countries. I wonder how many other children had looked up and seen it.”

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For the past two years, Copenhagen Primary School has released balloons to raise money for Children in Need - but until now, the furthest any balloons have made it is Suffolk. This year, five balloons reached the East Anglian county

Headteacher Lindsey Jackson, who received an e-mail from Finland telling her about Scarlet’s balloon in August, said: “Until now, the furthest the balloons have travelled is Suffolk, so imagine our surprise when we received an e-mail from Finland.

“What a fantastic way to bring geography alive, have fun and raise money for charity all at the same time - and for children in Finland to find out about us.”