Barack Obama and David Cameron give Islington robotics team £500,0000 to make android hands

Rich Walker, of Shadow Robot

Rich Walker, of Shadow Robot - Credit: Archant

President of the US Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron have announced £500,000 funding for an Islington robotics company.

Shadow Robot, in Liverpool Road, will be given the cash by fellow robotics firm Moley Robotics, in the US, to develop the next-generation of robotic hands.

The deal is part of £1.1billion trade and investment package announced on Thursday during discussions between the two leaders on advancing both countries economic prosperity and national security.

Mr Cameron said: “Moley Robotics is one of the many US companies that has seen the value of doing business in the UK and I’m delighted that Shadow Robot has secured a £500k deal with them to develop their next-generation robotics products.

“This is a clear vote of confidence for the UK and our long-term economic plan which is helping to safeguard our economy for the future.”

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Shadow Robot was Founded in 1997 from a team of roboticists excited by the possibilities of cybernetic hands.

They have since grown into a thriving engineering development firm, using their robotic appendages to solve real world problems for a variety of clients, including those in academics, food, logistics and manufacturing.

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Rich Walker, managing director of Shadow Robot, said: “We’re really excited by this project. Moley Robotics has a fantastic vision of how and where robotics can be applied, and it’s a real privilege to play a part in developing the vision.”

The US is the UK’s biggest trade partner with exports to the US worth nearly £90bn in 2013 – more than any other country in the EU.

The country is also the biggest investor in the UK, with a trade relationship increasing by 5.5% per cent to £140.5bn in 2013.

In a joint statement before the talks, the Prime Minister and President Obama said: “As we meet at the White House, we reaffirm our belief that our ability to defend our freedoms is rooted in our economic strength, and the values that we cherish – freedom of expression, the rule of law, and strong democratic institutions.”

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