Ben: TV Linda's grief over her son's pal

TELEVISION actress Linda Robson s teenage son cradled 16-year-old Ben Kinsella as he lay dying from stab wounds.

TELEVISION actress Linda Robson's teenage son cradled 16-year-old Ben Kinsella as he lay dying from stab wounds. Now the star - best known for her role as jailbird's wife Tracey in sitcom Birds Of A Feather - is backing the Kinsella family's calls for anyone caught carrying a knife to be thrown into jail for 10 years.

The actress, 50, who is friends with the family, said: "Mandatory 10 years for anyone caught carrying a knife - and I think Ben's family will support it too."

Linda's 16-year-old son Louis joined Ben - the brother of ex-EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella - at Shillibeers bar in North Road, Holloway, on Saturday night. She said: "We dropped him there. He didn't drink. We were ringing him every half-an-hour and my husband was going to pick him up. But a friend of ours had locked himself out and he was a bit late."

Linda, who lives off Essex Road, Islington, believes Ben was stabbed because he was "100 per cent" in the wrong place at the wrong time.She said: "There was a little bit of trouble earlier inside. It was coming to closing time and everyone started coming out. Someone started shouting 'run'. Then bouncers shut the gates behind them so they couldn't come back. No-one knows what the trouble was about earlier. It was between a couple of boys but Louis said he didn't see anyone fighting, just shouting. Louis and Ben weren't involved in it in any way. Someone said run and they all ran. Louis said he didn't even know why he was running."

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Louis ended up trying to stem the blood flow after Ben was stabbed.Linda said: "Louis said he was just sort of moaning. He was obviously in pain. Louis thought he had just been stabbed once. He had quite a big wound in his side. Louis put his cardigan in there to stop it bleeding. But he didn't realise that he had quite a few wounds on his back.

"He just thought the blood was seeping through from the front. Who knows how many times he was stabbed?

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Louis has since been spending a lot of time with Ben's sisters. Linda said: "I think he feels better when he is with the girls."

Linda also joined the march for peace on Tuesday, saying she was there as a mum.She said: "What was important was that the kids organised themselves - they want it to stop. Everybody did their bit and it was a lovely tribute to Ben. The family were saying how everybody was touched. The whole family had been down to see him beforehand. They have been every day to see him at the mortuary. This is just the beginning for them. There are court cases and funerals and burials. It really doesn't bear thinking about.

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