Bid for quicker bus journeys at expense of Islington businesses

New parking “arrangements” have recently been introduced in Essex Road between Cross Street and New North Road. Local businesses tell me that there has been a sharp drop in trade since the changes have been made, especially during the week.

Traders also insist that the way the parking has been set out is different from what was agreed with TfL, after they had been to many meetings with them.

I intend to find out if TfL have built what was agreed. But whether or not this is true, it is unacceptable that a relentless desire to shave a few more seconds off bus journeys, along with draconian enforcement of parking restrictions should threaten local businesses that provide essential and useful services to local people.

I suspect the latest changes to Essex Road have swung the balance too far in favour of speeding up traffic, and against local businesses. This is very worrying, particularly at a time when the customers of these shops will be just starting to feel the squeeze as the Tory/Lib-Dem Government’s compulsory austerity measures start to bite.

– Councillor Martin Klute, Labour Member for St Peter’s Ward and chairman of the health scrutiny committee, Islington Council, Town Hall, Upper Street, N1.