Blushing is making my life a misery

I’m a girl who blushes if someone says anything at all rude. I’ve never been able to take dirty jokes, smutty comments, or anything to do with bodily functions.

I’m 18, and I know I should have grown out of it, but I haven’t. I’m in my first job at a call centre, and already they’ve sussed out my blushing, and are making my life hell by saying dirty things and telling foul jokes and then laughing at me when I blush. And when I say blush, I mean this is like a tropical storm. It’s not just my cheeks, it’s my arms, my neck, my chest, and I sweat big time. I’m a bit overweight at 15 stone, which doesn’t help. My mum tells me to grow up. What do you say?

Barbara says: You’ve got several problems. One is that you’re a big girl, with possible self-esteem issues, and that’s not going to help. But if you take offence at jokes that are being told, and you think you’re being got at, have a word with your supervisor at work. You may be able to get some help. And the jokers may have to stop trying to wind you up!