Bob Hoskin’s Islington aunite celebrates 101st birthday milestone

A Second World War widow and auntie of Hollywood actor Bob Hoskins celebrated her 101st birthday this week.

Relatives joined Ethel Hoskin on Tuesday to mark the special occasion at St Anne’s nursing home in Durham Road, Finsbury Park.

Ethel’s husband soldier William was killed during the war in 1940 when the Germans bombed Euston. She raised her three children John, Bill and Peggy, all by herself in Essex Road, Islington.

Peggy said: “My mother has worked very hard. She had a far from easy life. She must have inherited a great gene.

“I would like to thank the staff. She was a bit overcome by the celebrations at first but really enjoyed herself.”

Ethel, who for many years worked as a beer bottler for Whitbreads, has seven great-grand children.