Boobs are different sizes

My breasts are different sizes. I’m 18, and the left one is a 34B cup, but the right one is definitely 34C or D. I’m really anxious about this, and it’s destroying my future love life as I’d never dare let anyone know about this, and wouldn’t want anyone to see me naked. What can I do? Should I have cosmetic surgery?

Barbara says: I’m going to whisper in your ear. Listen carefully. 90 per cent of women have this problem. It’s not actually a problem, you just think it is. One side of everyone’s body is different from the other side. If you take a photo of your face, slice the photo in two, and put two left sides together, or two right sides together, you wouldn’t recognise yourself from either photograph. We’re all quirkily asymmetrical. Fact of life.

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