Botched Finsbury street sign tells pedestrians to ‘look rliegfhtt’ before crossing

Confusion: The blurred sign has been bemusing pedestrians

Confusion: The blurred sign has been bemusing pedestrians - Credit: Archant

Bemused pedestrians have been left scratching their heads by an street sign telling them to look “rliegfhtt” before they cross the road.

Bungling Transport for London (TfL) road painters botched a “look left” sign a the corner of City Road and Provost Street, Finsbury, by painting “look right” by mistake.

Instead of scrubbing it off and starting again, they painted the correct direction over the top, resulting in a bit of a mess - including arrows pointing in both directions

Rev Simon Harvey, vicar of St Mary’s Church, in upper Street, Islington, Tweeted: “When you cross Provost St at jn with City Rd in Islington please LOOK RLIEGFHTT”

Cllr Caroline Russell, chair of Islington Living Streets pedestrian group, said; “Why wasn’t the line marker provided with some black paint in order to do the job properly?

“Islington could do with a white line overhaul of all the zebras and junction markings. It doesn’t take much to keep road markings up to scratch and it makes a real difference to helping people to get around in safety.“

A spokesman for the TfL said: “unfortunately a mistake was made by one of our contractors and they will be working to rectify that as soon as possible.

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“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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