Breaking news: Labour win Holloway by-election by big margin

Labour have won the Holloway by-election by a thumping margin, it was announced just minutes ago.

Rakhia Ismail picked up 2,352 votes, 57 per cent of turnout, and will now represent the ward alongside fellow Labour councillors Paul Smith and Barry Edwards.

The landslide victory saw the Lib Dem opposition come fourth, behind the Conservatives and the Green Party.

Mrs Ishmail, who has lived in Islington for 19 years, said: “I am delighted, this is a stunning victory.

“It is a vote of confidence in our policies to make the borough better and a massive rejection of the Conservative-led government and the unfair cuts they have imposed on our community.

“I want to thank the people of Holloway ward.”

Jonathan Edwards, of the Conservatives, came second with 671 votes, 16 per cent of the turn out.

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Claire Poyner, Green Party, came third with almost 15 percent and David Kelly came fourth with around 12 per cent.

The result was initially expected around noon but a power cut Alexandra Palace, the count venue, delayed it slightly.

Voter turn out was 4,209, a healthy 39.5 per cent of the 10,628 strong electorate – there were 15 rejected ballot papers and 67 were unmarked.