Brewdog wants to open ‘educational’ bar in Essex Road – where customers can make their own beer

Brewdog's Dog Eat Dog restaurant. Picture: Ewan Munro (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Brewdog's Dog Eat Dog restaurant. Picture: Ewan Munro (CC BY-SA 2.0) - Credit: Archant

Craft beer giant Brewdog wants to convert its Essex Road restaurant into a bar with home brewing stations where customers can make their own beer.

The application from the hipster chain would see its closed Dog Eat Dog branch transformed into The Hopworks – a “hybrid between bar use, food, retail and educational facility”.

The education element would consist of staff teaching customers how to create their own drop using home brew kits installed in the venue.

The company said: “Customers will be able to attend classes to suit varying levels of ability and experience, and will be able to learn about all aspects of beer making, from raw ingredients to brewing technique.

“They would also propose for the site to host events to showcase local brewers to give them a platform to share their knowledge and experience.”

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“Rare and sought after” beers will be sold alongside stonebaked pizzas if the plans are given the green light. But some neighbours are not too pleased about the idea of a 101-capacity boozer being open until 11.30pm each night.

One said: “101 capacity, drinking strong beer, constitutes a bar to my mind, and with an application to have outside seating would cause misery for the people in our development living above the premises.

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“With regard to the soundproofing, it is difficult for us to trust Brewdog, as when they first attempted a business on this premises a few years ago they ripped out all the soundproofing in order to give it an ‘industrial’ look, with no thought for the residents whose lives were then made a misery. There would need to be strong assurances that top quality soundproofing is re-instated immediately.”

Another pointed to the strength of the beers as a worrying factor, with ales upwards of 7 per cent proof on offer.

“A drinker would not need much of any of these to become drunk,” they argued. But another said the managing director of Brewdog had assured neighbours the soundproofing would be reinstalled and other noise issues from people outside would also be rectified.

Councillors will vote on the application on Thursday next week.

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