Bursting pipes alerted elderly woman who escaped from Islington flat fire

There was evidence of hoarding throughout the Sidcup property.

There was evidence of hoarding throughout the Sidcup property. - Credit: sub

An elderly woman escaped a fire in her Islington flat yesterday (January 16) when she was woken by the sound of bursting pipes.

Firefighters were called to the flat in Orchard Mews at just after 3am where they found smoke pouring from the windows.

The woman and her neighbour were treated for shock and taken to hospital by the London Ambulance Service.

Part of the flat, which was not fitted with a smoke alarm, and the roof were damaged in the blaze.

Watch manager Anthony Marshall who was at the scene said: “There was smoke pouring from the windows when we arrived and so it was lucky that the woman had woken up and left the flat. However, the flat did not have a smoke alarm and it was the sound of bursting water pipes that alerted her to the danger.

“I can’t stress how important it is to have a smoke alarm, it could be the only warning you get that your home is on fire. They should be fitted on every floor of the house.”

Four fire engines went to the scene with 21 firefighters and officers from Islington, Shoreditch and Stoke Newington fire stations.

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It is believed the fire was caused by an electrical fault.