'Leaked' pictures suggest Arsenal Rwanda link will continue

Arsenal's Gabriel Martinelli during the Premier League match at the Emirates Stadium, London. Pictur

The Visit Rwanda logo on Arsenal's current home kit can be seen on the shirt sleeve, worn here by Gabriel Martinelli - Credit: PA

Alleged leaked pictures of Arsenal's 2022-23 football kit appear to indicate the team will continue with its Visit Rwanda promotion. 

Images posted on Twitter account @afcstuff suggest the iconic red jerseys will have a white collar and zig zag pattern. 

Arsenal is yet to confirm next season's shirts or make any official comment. 

Fans have called on the Gunners to reconsider its sponsorship. The north London giants have had a shirt sleeve sponsor promoting tourism in Rwanda since the 2018-19 season. 

The issue has come back to light this week with the UK having signed a deal to send some asylum seekers to the African country. 

Islington resident Phil Kelly told the Gazette: "Arsenal have got to choose. If they play next season with Visit Rwanda on their shirts they will be telling their fans that they back the unspeakably evil plan to deny refugees the right to seek asylum in this country. They will undermine all the good they have done locally. I hope Arsenal will choose Islington."

Home secretary Priti Patel said this week in response to criticism: "This partnership is the type of international co-operation needed to make the global immigration system fairer, keep people safe, and give them opportunities to flourish.

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"This will help break the people smugglers' business model and prevent the loss of life, while ensuring protection for those who are genuinely vulnerable."

Arsenal and Visit Rwanda have been approached for comment.