Curb on late night deliveries at Seven Sisters Road McDonalds following complaints

McDonalds in Seven Sisters Road

McDonalds in Seven Sisters Road - Credit: BBC news wire service

The brakes have been put on late-night delivery drivers at a busy fast food restaurant after a catalogue of complaints from neighbours who said the noise and intimidation has made life difficult for them.

Islington Council's licensing committee banned the collection of food orders by delivery drivers from the McDonald’s on Seven Sisters Road between 11pm and 5am at a licence review on Thursday.

One mother said of the disturbances outside: “Living here is really miserable. It’s intimidating.”

Islington’s community safety officer Sarah Armstrong said: “Since McDonald’s started offering their delivery service in about 2017, we’ve been receiving complaints relating to the nuisance caused by delivery drivers whilst they’re waiting to be allocated orders and to collect food.

“These range from noise nuisance to littering, urinating, defecating, some dangerous driving, violent and intimidating behaviour from the drivers and we’ve also received quite a lot of complaints about McDonald’s deliveries at unsocial hours.”

She told the council’s licensing sub-committee the last complaint was about a 1.30am delivery and that since January 30 per cent of the complaints were about deliveries after 11pm.

“The delivery option is pretty much 24/7 from McDonald’s. It is absolutely relentless for residents,” she added.

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Previous attempts had been made to stop the problems, including zones where drivers are banned, workshops with the delivery companies, and meetings with drivers.

Ms Armstrong explained: “We’ve had our parking enforcement team down there who’ve found it difficult, especially because of the very aggressive nature of the delivery drivers, meaning they had to ultimately resort to doing joint patrols with the police when police availability allowed.”

Franchisee Claude Abi-Gerges who took over in 2019, said there was “an extraordinary explosion” of demand for home deliveries during the lockdown, which have soared by 164 per cent.

He pointed out that since lockdown ended, drivers can wait in the restaurant and use its facilities, and said any drivers who breach the rules or are involved in antisocial behaviour get reported to their bosses and “permanently impaired” so they cannot deliver from his store again.