Developer seeks to extend Brewery Road storage block

The storage centre in Brewery Road

The storage centre in Brewery Road - Credit: Google

Developers are having another crack at securing planning permission to extend a storage centre in Brewery Road, after a previous application two years ago was put on hold.

A&A Self-Storage Ltd wants to add another storey onto the existing 1950s four-storey self-storage block, and to replace and extend the rear section of the building which backs onto Brandon Road, where it also wants to make the loading bay larger.

The proposals were put on hold two years ago over concerns that Simla Court opposite would lose too much daylight – more than the 20 per cent threshold recommended by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

Simla Court in Brewery Road

Simla Court in Brewery Road - Credit: Google

Council officers clashed with Cllr Paul Convery in 2019 , who was unimpressed by the argument that the loss of light could be acceptably set at 30 per cent in Islington due to its built-up nature.

A new application, to be judged by councillors sitting on the planning committee next week, planning officers - who have recommended the development is given approval - have argued that the argument that 'transgressions' of the BRE guidance can be accepted in Islington.

Assessments show eight rooms at Simla Court would be affected by reductions in direct skylight ranging between 23.8 and 29.6 per cent.

The report states: “In Islington, given the built-up context, transgressions of up to 30 per cent are often accepted, reflecting the dense urban nature of the borough and that these reductions are modest.

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“There are several windows at Simla Court that would be affected in terms of no-sky line (NSL) losses above BRE guidelines.  However, the NSL transgressions are all below 30 per cent  and are regarded as a minor infringement.”

Officers said the impact on any individual property was not considered “so significant as to warrant refusal of planning permission”, with other benefits of the development including 2,043 square metres of storage and distribution space.

They added: “The proposal would serve to successfully support and enhance the functions of the Vale Royal/Brewery Road locally significant industrial site designation and is strongly supported in terms of land use.”