5 tips for a stress-free home move this summer

Moving home can be a stressful experience for couples.

Moving home can be a stressful experience for couples. - Credit: iStock

Summer is the height of the UK's moving season, with the majority of home moves happening during this period.  

With the weather at its best (if Brits are lucky!), the kids out of school, and an ample amount of properties on the market, moving and settling before the colder and darker months can be ideal. 

So, with the season fast approaching, we wanted help give you the top tips to help your home move run smoothly:

Use self-storage 

Attic Self Storage, helps home movers with both short and long term space. Whether you need to store items while you’re in between properties; perhaps you want a contemporary feel in your new home so would prefer to use external storage; or perhaps you have cherished items that you don’t need right now, like children’s toys, furniture or heirlooms. Also, with more people working at home, you can make space for your home office and store work files. 

The modern facilities at Attic Self Storage offer 24 hour access to make it as convenient as possible. The sites are based in Bow, Marylebone, Kings Cross and Harrow, which all come with electronic app controlled locks instead of keys for even easier access. Also for business owners, Harrow also has workpods and wifi, so you can even run your business from the units.

Move on the least busy days

Fridays and Saturdays are by far the most popular days to move home, with movers keen to get settled in over the weekend avoiding any disruptions to work or school. What does this mean? Moving companies are extremely busy on weekends, and therefore you could benefit from a considerable discount if you can take a day or two off work to avoid them! 

If, however you have absolutely no choice but to move over a weekend, then be sure to book everything at least three-four weeks in advance to ensure you lock in a significantly cheaper price, as last minute removals can end up costing a fortune. Companies such as AnyVan offer competitive prices, especially if you opt for a longer window slot!

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Sell or donate unwanted items

Measure up the space in your new home to ensure your current furniture will fit. Do this as early as possible, so you can arrange to sell pieces that will not fit in advance - this can also earn you some money ahead of the move. The last thing you want is the hassle of moving larger pieces into your home that will eventually need to be removed - or even worse, may not fit through the door! Alternatively you can donate your items to charities like the Red Cross. 

Get your moving supplies ready

For stress-free packing, make sure you have all your supplies ready beforehand, so that when you finally get started, you’ll be fully prepared instead of running around trying to locate the duct tape! The most popular supplies that will come in handy will be:

  • Boxes – Small, Medium & Large
  • Tape – from sellotape to brown packing tape
  • Bubblewrap
  • Labels – all sizes
  • Pens – black markers especially
  • Scissors

It is also a handy tip to choose an allocated room to store your packed boxes. This way once everything is all packed up, you can move it out of the room and feel a sense of achievement.

Beat the heat

Moving during a time where the weather is warm can add unnecessary stress if you are underprepared.

To start with it may be a good idea to ask your removal services to arrive as early as possible in the morning as at this time, the weather is still relatively cool! Another top tip to beat the heat is to have a cooler handy filled with water, snacks and other essentials during your move.

In terms of clothing, try to stick to lightweight items and make sure you have sunscreen handy as you’ll be in and out of the house/car all day! If it's particularly hot then perhaps consider purchasing some fans to set up in each bedroom once you're in to ensure a good night's sleep!