Islington company offers paid leave for miscarriage sufferers

WeAgile founder Monshur Ali (right) with co-founder Chris Bradshaw 

WeAgile founder Monshur Ali (right) with co-founder Chris Bradshaw - Credit: WeAgile

A digital creative studio in Old Street has launched a support package for anyone who has suffered a miscarriage.

Monshur Ali, co-founder of WeAgile in Old Street Yard is rolling out the policy for both men and women to access paid leave, following the lead from the New Zealand government last month.

The new legislation allows pregnant people and their partners to take paid time off work in the case of a miscarriage.  

However, in the UK paid leave is only available to expectant parents who suffer a stillbirth after 24 weeks.

According to the miscarriage association, over one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage.  

“I have connections with people who have had miscarriages,” said Monshur. 

“It is crazy that the government or any company in this country hasn’t recognised what suffering miscarriages does on a mental and physical basis. 

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“I believe every company, no matter the size, should consider applying this kind of support and access to their employees.

“Hopefully if one company in the UK does it, then there would be a snowball effect for more companies to follow suit seeing how it actually benefits people.”