Business of the week: Cahula, hula hoop lessons in Islington and King’s Cross

Carla Rose at work during a Cahula class. Picture: Cahula

Carla Rose at work during a Cahula class. Picture: Cahula - Credit: Archant

In a weekly feature, we profile and champion a fascinating shop or company doing business here in Islington. This week, we spoke to Carla Rose, who turned her hula hoop addiction into a business.

It’s the classic start-up story. Turning your hobby into a business.

For Carla Rose, that hobby – or, as she puts it, “addiction” – was hula hooping.

She started her business, Cahula, and has now been an instructor for three years. Carla runs hula hoop classes in Islington and King’s Cross three times a week.

Two of them are fitness workouts while the other one teaches circus-style tricks.

She said: “My customers are mainly women aged between 20 and 65 years. Most participants start my classes to learn something new and unusual, or as a fun way of getting fit and being active away from the gym.

“They quickly become addicted, just like I did, and once you’ve started, there’s no stopping you.

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“They get a massive smile on their face as soon as they pick up a hula hoop. For me, sharing that joy and encouraging people to be active is priceless.”

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