'Disgustingly wasteful and idiotic': Pedestrians pelted with eggs

Caledonian Road pavement eggs

Eggs on the pavement on Caledonian Road - Credit: Anna Lvova

Walkers have reported being hit with eggs from a third or fourth-storey flat window in Islington.

People reported being targeted along Caledonian Road on March 3, and while some recounted near misses, others were not so lucky.

Anna Lvova was out for a walk at about 8.30pm when an egg hit her head from above, leaving her "humiliated". 

The 29-year-old told the Gazette: "I had sat in front of my computer this whole time and so I went out to get a small break and some groceries. 

"There wasn't that much light and I didn't have much time to process the information - why are there eggs here? Someone could have bought them from a shop and broken them and that could happen.

"I was all dreamy and not paying attention - there was not much to pay attention to as the streets were quiet and empty. It was a shock [when it happened].

"I was really lucky – I had a hat on so it wasn't that painful, but it could have been much worse if my head had been uncovered."

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She continued: "The worst thing to me was I jumped into the road [to get away], again I was lucky there were no cars."

Anna, who wanted to warn others to be careful, reported the incident but the Met Police but said no further action is being taken because there is no CCTV or "confirmation of the specific location" it came from.

Several people responded to a thread on the Islington Community Group on Facebook about the incident.

Avon Visage told the Gazette his husband Jason Bennett was hit on the side of the face while they were walking together on Caledonian Road at about 9pm.

He described it as "disgustingly wasteful and idiotic": "We noticed loads of broken eggs on the pavement, and all of a sudden we felt something splash all over us. Jason was hit by an egg on the side of his face. And there was raw egg all over us.

"At first we thought it was birds in the tree above, when on closer inspection we realised it was slimy egg goo on our clothes and faces."

Avon said he shouted at a silhouette in one of the windows above, and said the person replied: "Why go into one over something so little?”

He added: "I wonder how they would feel if the situation was reversed?"