Call for total ban on capital’s dogs was misguided

I listened with interest to comments on Paul Ross and Gaby Roslyn’s Breakfast Show on BBC Radio London about Dog Control Orders – canine ASBOs.

This was followed by a much fuller feature by Vanessa Feltz on her show.

I anticipated that this was going to be a potentially contentious and emotive topic.

However, I was really disappointed and very upset to hear Ms Feltz report that Robert Elms, another BBC radio presenter, had gone on record stating that “all dogs should be banned in London.”

While one is entitled to a personal opinion, I feel that this is an abuse of Mr Elms’ position, as an employee of the BBC, to air his misguided and personal prejudices.

If one was to transpose this situation to certain troublesome elements within ethnic minorities and then to suggest that all members of this group should either be banned or repatriated this would never have been reported on outside of events such as the Nuremburg Rally or a BNP meeting.

Such inflammatory, ill-informed and deeply offensive comments are not ones I would expect from an employee at the BBC.

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I have submitted a formal complaint. I await a response from the BBC. – Robert Stuhldreer, founder member and trustee for Akita Rescue and Welfare (UK), Dunford Road, N7.