Cally market to re-launch tomorrow as local business haven

Baker Paul O'Brien. Paul is one of the main people behind the re-opening of cally market on Saturday

Baker Paul O'Brien. Paul is one of the main people behind the re-opening of cally market on Saturdays after it has been closed for a year (photo: Arnaud Stephenson) - Credit: photo: Arnaud Stephenson

A market will be reincarnated as a breeding ground for new local businesses according to stallholders, residents and councillors set to reopen it tomorrow.

Caledonian Road market was closed earlier this year due to an apathy among customers and a lack of continuity among its offerings, but the community now thinks it has the formula to make it a success.

Thanks to the work of Paul O’Brien of the Sunflour Bakery in Caledonian Road and residents such as Linda Land, the market is now set to relaunch with a more local feel.

Mr O’Brien, who has worked on stalls in Borough and Broadway Markets for 15 years, said: “Last time they tried all the farmers market stuff and it didn’t work, maybe because of the prices and it was in the road.

“We’re moving it to the square so it’s more pedestrianised and we want to make it much more of a local market.Local people and local businesses.

“The Cally Road is one of the only high streets left in London that is dominated by independent shops and we want as many as possible to get involved in the market – we want it to appeal to both sides of Caledonian Road.”

The market had a soft opening on November 15 with a number of stalls setting up but the grand opening of the new format will take place this Saturday alongside the turning on of this year’s Christmas lights.

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The market will move to Tilloch Street and will be run by a panel of 16 trustees made up of stallholders and residents.

Cllr Paul Convery, who has been helping to get things up and running, said: “The traders that were operating before, a lot of them were from outside of the area, and were the sort that do lots of street markets over London so they weren’t really committed enough.

“Residents would say, ‘I really like that stall but they weren’t here this week’ and that was the problem.

“What we’ve got going now I think is a more interesting offer. It’s being spearheaded by the O’Briens who are veterans of the street markets themselves.

“The main thing we want to emphasise is that for people who want to start a local business this is a great opportunity.

“A place like Cally Road can be very expensive to get a premises but the cost of setting up a stall is quite small.”

If you are interested in starting your business at the market email