Can I stop going bald?

I have male pattern baldness, and I’m only 32.

I need to know if there are any known cures for this. I look so old. I can’t bear it.

Barbara says: If there were any known cures for it, don’t you think Prince William would have found them? There are a couple of possible over-the-counter medications. One is a pill, the other is a lotion. Ask at your chemist. Both are seriously expensive – around �10 per week.

The pill may affect your sex drive. Both take about four months to show any signs of holding back the baldness. They do seem to slow it down in many cases, and in some they really help. But you have to keep working on it. Let up on the pill or the lotion, and the problem returns.

The other options are hair weaves etc, which cost a prince’s ransom. Scientists now know what causes it. It’s inherited from your mum’s side of the family. They think they may have a cure eventually.

Don’t hold your breath. Anyway, some ladies love bald guys. Fact.