Can’t Dance - Theatre Review

Fancy sipping a martini whilst being insulted by glitzy neo-cabaret sensations? Then Bourgeois & Maurice’s CAN’T DANCE at Sadler’s Wells is the show to see.

GET your kicks from the best cabaret act of the 21st si�cle - as Georgeois Bourgeois and his bee-hived stooge Maurice Maurice hit the stage with their third, sequin-drenched, show Can’t Dance.

Dynamic duo Bourgeois & Maurice put their imprint on our most treasured genres - ballet, hip hop, contemporary and Morris dancing. Oh, and they do a strip tease whilst satirising tax increases.

But, you may ask, can they dance? I am not sure, dear reader, but they are a bit better than Blondie.

As well as prancing they perform original songs - with Maurice on the old Joanna - crack wry jokes and invite the odd lucky audience member to sip a martini whilst being violently insulted.

As if this was not enough, in the background there is film footage of an avant-garde lesson with Blackpool performance artist David Hoyle, who attempts to force feed our intrepid pair stale ambrosia creamed rice. And, there is a cartoon of them meeting surly Sergei Diaghilev in gay Paris.

There is not page space to mention the costume changes.

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With good cabaret thinner on the ground than a non-rigged reality show, do not pass up the chance to see the glitziest show of the season.

* Showing at Sadler’s Wells, Lilian Baylis Studio, in Rosebery Avenue, EC1, until Thursday, December 23.