Car bursts into flames as driver pops to Holloway shops

A DRIVER had a lucky escape when her BMW burst into flames minutes after she parked it in a busy street.

The woman received an unwelcome Christmas present as she made a last-minute dash to the shops in Brecknock Road, Holloway, to stock up on Christmas Eve.

James Thompson, who was walking past, said: “There was smoke coming out of the bonnet and the flames were around a metre or two high.”

Firefighters from Kentish Town blocked off the road after rushing to the scene to contain the blaze.

Watch manager Steve Boulton said: “I have never seen an engine so badly damaged in such a short space of time. The whole engine bay was completely ruined and the windscreen was cracked.

“A lady had gone shopping and left her car there. There was a fault and the engine caught fire. Within five minutes of being parked the car was ablaze. She was quite hysterical.

“We managed to save the rest of the car because we were called so quickly.”

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