Carrying a knife should mean prison

there were two stabbings on March 23 – one in Barnard Park, and one opposite Thornhill School, near Lofting Road.

There were loads of police after the one in Barnard Park, and the “youths” or hoodrats as they are known, were standing in gangs smoking their drugs, and the police did nothing to disperse them – no telling off, no arrests, nothing. And they wonder why the youths don’t give a damn.

These kids are never going to learn – they go around stabbing each other as if it is a game of cat and mouse.

The police need to do more, to be seen in the area. It’s becoming a joke in the Barnsbury/Cally Road area – and, as for the stabbings, the law needs to change.

It should clearly state that if you carry a knife you will be put in prison – simple, no ifs no buts. And bring back capital punishment – a life for a life!

What is this world coming to? From what I have seen from the police on this occasion, there is no law in force – smoking drugs, having pitbulls running around a public park with no lead, carrying knives and nothing happens to these hoodrats. This area is going down rapidly and no one seems to care. – Name and address supplied.