Chance for tenants

As a council tenant, I was disappointed that Dr Potter (Viewpoints, Gazette, October 21) seems to think it isn’t worth asking tenants’ views on the future of Homes for Islington.

He talks as well about “smoke and mirrors”, yet tries himself to totally re-write the aim of the Liberal Democrat recent motion to council about HfI. Just so we are all clear all the motion said was: the main reason for setting up Homes for Islington in 2004 was to bring all the council’s homes up to Decent Homes Standard.

When Liberal Democrats set up HfI we balloted tenants for their views. now that the Decent Homes programme is coming to an end, Liberal Democrats think that tenants should again be asked their views about bringing the housing management service back under the council’s direct control. This move could save the council between �500,00 and �800,000. But like Dr Potter, our ruling Labour councillors are clearly not interested in tenants’ views or saving money and refused to back the idea. – Councillor Paula Belford, Liberal Democrat Member for Canonbury ward, Town Hall, Upper Street, N1.