Charity leads bid for Suicide Bridge safety measures in Archway

THE head of a national mental health charity has offered to take the lead on improving safety measures at a notorious suicide spot as “far too little” has been done to stop the deaths.

Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of SANE, said the charity would be getting in touch with campaigners and those responsible for the safety measures at Archway Bridge, which carries Hornsey Lane over Archway Road, Highgate.

Three people fell to their deaths from the bridge in November, and campaigners have since demanded various measures be taken, including fitting a net underneath and installing a phone directly conencted to the Samaritans.

Ms Wallace said: “It remains a deep concern to us that more is not being done to make Archway Bridge safer. For too long we have heard of plans and suggestions after each suicide, yet far too little seems to come of it.

“Our own research shows that the majority of suicides known to us could have been prevented and that a significant number of those who attempted suicide are grateful they did not succeed.

“It seems almost criminal that lives that could have been saved are being lost in this terrible way. Not only is it desperately sad for the person who takes the irrevocable step and their families, it is a lasting trauma for those who happen to be on the road beneath.

“Surely the apathy and confusion amongst those responsible for the bridge and its safety should not be allowed to continue to let these tragedies happen.”

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Ms Wallace hopes to get all parties around the table, including Haringey Council which is responsible for the safety measures and upkeep of the bridge, to discuss future options.